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Drug Promotion - What We Know, What We Have Yet to Learn - Reviews of Materials in the WHO/HAI Database on Drug Promotion - EDM Research Series No. 032
(102 pages)

Table of Contents
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Open this folder and view contentsReview 1. What attitudes do professional and lay people have to promotion?
Open this folder and view contentsReview 2. What impact does pharmaceutical promotion have on attitudes and knowledge?
Open this folder and view contentsReview 3. What impact does pharmaceutical promotion have on behaviour?
Open this folder and view contentsReview 4. What interventions have been tried to counter promotional activities, and with what results?
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Pauline Norris is a Senior Lecturer and Leader, Clinical/Pharmacy Practice Research, in the School of Pharmacy, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. A sociologist and health services researcher, she works on pharmacy and medicine-related issues. Her areas of interest include improving antibiotic use, evaluating pharmacy services, and the influence of ethnicity and socioeconomic status on medicine use. She has written critical reviews of the research-based articles included in the WHO/HAI drug promotion database.

Contact: Dr Pauline Norris, Senior Lecturer, School of Pharmacy, University of Otago, PO Box 913, Dunedin, New Zealand. Tel: +64 3 479 7359, fax: +64 3 479 7034, e-mail: pauline.norris@stonebow.otago.ac.nz

Andrew Herxheimer taught clinical pharmacology and therapeutics at London University until 1991. He also founded the UK Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin in 1962 and edited it until 1992. Since then he has worked in the Cochrane Collaboration and is now Emeritus Fellow of the UK Cochrane Centre in Oxford. He is co-founder of the charity DIPEx, a Database of Personal Experiences of illness (www.dipex.org). Chair of the International Society of Drug Bulletins until 1996, Andrew Herxheimer is interested in all aspects of providing professionals and the public with unbiased and clear information about the benefits and harms of therapeutic and diagnostic interventions. He has a continuing interest in all aspects of pharmaceutical promotion, and in the strategies that society, especially doctors and health services, can use to control or counter it.

Contact: Dr Andrew Herxheimer, 9 Park Crescent, London N3 2NL, UK. Tel: +44 20 8346 5470, fax: +44 20 8346 0407,
e-mail: Andrew_Herxheimer@compuserve.com

Joel Lexchin is an Associate Professor in the School of Health Policy and Management at York University in Toronto, Canada, and is also a doctor in the Emergency Department at the University Health Network in Toronto. He has been involved in researching and writing about pharmaceutical policy for over 20 years and has published over 45 peer reviewed articles in this area. His main focus has been on promotion to doctors, direct-to-consumer advertising, the regulatory approval process and the direction of research funded by the pharmaceutical industry. He is responsible for designing the database, collecting the material that appears in it and compiled the first 2200 entries.

Contact: Dr Joel Lexchin, School of Health Policy and Management, Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies, York University, 4700 Keele St. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 1P3. E mails: jlexchin@yorku.ca and joel.lexchin@utoronto.ca

Peter R. Mansfield is a General Practitioner and a Research Fellow in the Department of General Practice at the University of Adelaide, Australia. He is Director of Healthy Skepticism (www.healthyskepticism.org). This was formerly called the Medical Lobby for Appropriate Marketing Inc (MaLAM), which Peter Mansfield founded in 1983 to improve health by reducing harm from misleading drug promotion. His professional interests include general medical practice and research, education and advocacy on pharmaceutical marketing.

Contact: Dr Peter Mansfield, 34 Methodist St, Willunga SA, 5172, Australia. Tel. and fax:
+ 61 8 8557 1040, e-mail: peter@healthyskepticism.org

Particular thanks are due to Margaret Ewen (HAI Europe), and Richard Laing and Hans Hogerzeil (WHO Department of Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy) for their contributions to setting up the database and to this manual. Zulham Hamdan at the WHO Collaborating Centre at Universiti Sains Malaysia designed and maintains the web site.

Comments about the database and the reviews should be forwarded to HAI Europe in the first instance:

Health Action International Europe
Jacob van Lennepkade 334T
1053 NJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone +31 20 683 3684
Fax: +31 20 685 5002
E-mail: info@haiweb.org

Drug Promotion Database URL: http://www.drugpromo.info/


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Last updated: May 4, 2012