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Drug Promotion - What We Know, What We Have Yet to Learn - Reviews of Materials in the WHO/HAI Database on Drug Promotion - EDM Research Series No. 032
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Table of Contents
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View the documentBackground to the project
View the documentDevelopment of the drug promotion database
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View the documentMethodology
Open this folder and view contentsReview 1. What attitudes do professional and lay people have to promotion?
Open this folder and view contentsReview 2. What impact does pharmaceutical promotion have on attitudes and knowledge?
Open this folder and view contentsReview 3. What impact does pharmaceutical promotion have on behaviour?
Open this folder and view contentsReview 4. What interventions have been tried to counter promotional activities, and with what results?
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The reviews summarise the research evidence and, therefore, they do not include all of the material contained in the database. Only entries based on original research, systematic reviews or meta-analyses are included. Such entries all had written methodological notes. They were identified and extracted from the database by searching all entries that included a methodological note. This search took place in November 2001. Studies that were purely descriptive of promotion were excluded, and all studies which touched in some way on the four review questions were then included. The reviews were drafted, and in July 2002 a further group of relevant newer studies were added to the reviews. It is intended that the reviews will be updated periodically as the database grows.


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