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WHO Guidelines on good manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Herbal Medicines
(2007; 92 pages)


WHO updated the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP): main principles for pharmaceutical products, which was published as annex 4 of WHO Technical report series (TRS), No 908 (2003).  In view of this, WHO subsequently updated the "supplementary guidelines for manufacture of herbal medicines" and published it as annex 3 of WHO TRS, No. 937 (2006).  However, an user needed to refer two publications in order to get full information.  In order to make such technical guidance user friendly, this publication was compiled.

This publication consists of "WHO GMP: main principles for pharmaceutical products" and "WHO GMP: updated supplementary guidelines for manufacture of herbal medicines" by adopting from the respective TRS.  It also contains Index page of "the Quality Assurance Compendium Vol. 2 2nd update", including the entirety of the GMP texts in order to provide full cross-reference to the WHO GMP, as, especially, validation, and water GMP guidelines might also be necessary to those manufacturing herbal medicines.

This publication would also serve a key technical training materials in capacity building training workshops in herbal medicines.

Last updated: May 4, 2012