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Positive Synergies Between Global Health Initiatives and Health Systems
Click on the cover to access the publicationWHO's goal in positive synergies between Global Health Initiatives and health systems is to improve health outcomes, especially for the world’s most vulnerable populations, and to meet the health-related Millennium Development Goals.

This collection includes 7 documents, publications and other resources in English, French, Italian and Spanish, selected from a wide range of technical information materials.

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Latest publications
Maximizing Positive Synergies Between Health Systems and Global Health Initiatives - A Global Effort to Help Ensure that Health Systems and the Selective Interventions of the Global Health Initiatives are Mutually Reinforcing and can Generate Maximum Gains for Public Health
Published: 2009
Maximiser synergies positives entre les systèmes de santé et les Initiatives Mondiales pour la Santé - Faire en sorte que les systèmes de santé et les interventions des Initiatives Mondiales pour la Santé se renforcent mutuellement et génèrent un maximum de bénéfices pour la santé publique
Published: 2009
Maximizar las Sinergias Positivas entre los Sistemas de Salud y las Iniciativas Sanitarias Mundiales - Una Acción Encaminada a Lograr que los Sistemas de Salud y las Intervenciones de las Iniciativas Sanitarias Mundiales se Refuercen Mutuamente y Puedan Generar los Máximos Beneficios para la Salud Pública
Published: 2009
Last updated: May 4, 2012