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Access to essential drugs in developing countries
Access to essential medicines
Access to HIV/AIDS-related treatment
Acetylsalicylic acid and paracetamol - prescription control
Adherence to asthma treatment
Adherence to epilepsy therapy
Adherence to long-term therapies
Adherence to pharmacotherapy in patients with hypertension
Adherence to treatment for diabetes
Advanced nursing practice and nurse prescribing
Adverse reactions labelling
Adverse reactions to natural health products
Advertising of medicinal drugs in the media
AFRO Essential Medicines - price indicator December 2003
Air handling systems
Alphabetical list of common stems
Alphabetical list of essential medicines (with ATC classification code numbers)
Alphabetical list of stems together with corresponding INNs
Antimicrobials, resistance and infection control
Antituberculosis drugs: hepatobiliary reactions
Artemisinin-based combination therapies for malaria treatment
Aspects of pharmaceutical care
Assessing needs and resources
Avoid drugs of no therapeutic interest

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Bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy
Basic elements of good manufacturing practices in pharmaceutical production
Basic tests for pharmaceutical dosage forms
Behavioural mechanisms explaining adherence
Biliary and renal colic
The bulk purchasing system in the gulf countries

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Changing relations between WHO, MoHs and NGOs at country level
Choosing the right drugs
Clinical research design and rational use of acupuncture
Clinical trials on treatment using a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine
Collaboration between NGOs, ministries of health and WHO in drug distribution and supply
Collecting data on the prices and availability of medicines
Combination therapy and fixed-dose combination (FDC) formulations
Comments on the selection of drugs, medical supplies and equipment included in the kit
Community health workers and drugs
Community health workers, village drug funds, and the Thai primary health care programme
Comparative analysis of national drug policies
Competing drugs for schistosomiasis treatment
Compulsory licensing - practical aspects and procedures
Consolidated list of products
Consumption and regulation of bio-medical drugs
Container and closure testing in lieu of sterility testing
Contributing to health care impact - rational drug use
Control of starting materials and intermediate, bulk, and finished products
Cost containment and health care reforms: the impact on pharmaceuticals
Cost effectiveness of influenza vaccination in healthy infants
Cost-containment mechanisms for essential medicines
Cost-sharing for drugs
Counterfeit and substandard drugs in Myanmar and Viet Nam
Country rights to be protected in voluntary agreements for reduction of prices of medicines
Criteria for medicinal drug promotion
Criteria for the inclusion of pharmaceutical and chemical products in the Consolidated List
Cross-border movement of clinical trial subjects
Current relations between WHO/HQ programmes and NGOs

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Defining nonadherence to asthma therapy
Dependence-producing psychoactive substances for international control
Describing and identifying medicines use problems
Developing training programmes: inspection and examination of counterfeit pharmaceuticals
Development of curricula for formal health training courses
Development of the essential drugs concept over the past 25 years
Direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising
Diseases and disorders that can be treated with acupuncture
Disorders of the sense organs
Distribution of medicinal herbal products
DMP-DAP joint project on counterfeit drugs
Doctors and drug companies: analysing a complex relationship
Drug classification systems
Drug economics and financing
Drug financing alternatives
The drug patents debate
Drug patents under the spotlight
Drug quality assurance
Drug situation analysis for the West Bank and Gaza Strip
Drug supply and availability
Drug utilization metrics and their applications
Drug utilization research
Drug utilization statistics and health policy
Drugs and money - prices, affordability and cost containment

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The economic and human costs of rational and irrational prescribing
Economic aspects of drug use (pharmacoeconomy)
Economics and medicines policy
Effect of fixed-dose combination (FDC) medications
Effect of introduction of fixed-dose combinations on the drug supply chain
Effective medicines regulation: ensuring safety, efficacy and quality
Electrical stimulation and laser therapy
Emergency health kit 98
Enforcement and settlement of disputes
Environmental management of health facilities
Equitable access to essential medicines
Equivalence studies needed for marketing authorization
Essential drugs - essential to health systems
Essential drugs and medicines policy
Essential drugs and supplies in emergency situations
Essential medicines: prices and people
Estimating drug requirements
Ethical criteria for drug promotion
Evaluation of medicinal products
Evidence of effect of FDCs
The evolution of the Thai primary health care programme
Expanding access to essential medicines and vaccines

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Last updated: May 4, 2012