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Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Controlled Clinical Trials
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Use of the publication

This publication is intended to facilitate research on and the evaluation and application of acupuncture. It is hoped that it will provide a useful resource for researchers, health care providers, national health authorities and the general public.

It must be emphasized that the list of diseases, symptoms or conditions covered here is based on collected reports of clinical trials, using the descriptions given in those reports. Only national health authorities can determine the diseases, symptoms and conditions for which acupuncture treatment can be recommended.

The data in the reports analysed were not always clearly recorded. We have made every effort to interpret them accurately, in some cases maintaining the original wording in the text and summary table presented here. Research on traditional medicine, including acupuncture is by no means easy. However, researchers should be encouraged to ensure the highest possible standards of study design and reporting in future research in order to improve the evidence base in this field.

Dr Xiaorui Zhang
Acting Coordinator
Traditional Medicine (TRM)
Department of Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy (EDM)
World Health Organization


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