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Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Controlled Clinical Trials
(87 pages)

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Afficher le document2.3. Neurological disorders
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2.11. Paediatric disorders

Diarrhoea in infants and young children is still a daunting problem worldwide, particularly in developing countries. Acupuncture seems to be worth using, at least as an adjunct to conventional treatments, because it regulates intestinal function and enhances immune response without causing an imbalance in the intestinal flora as do antibiotics (213, 214).

Convulsions due to high fever are not infrequently encountered in infants and young children. In a controlled clinical trial, convulsions stopped two minutes after needling was started, a result superior to that of intramuscular phenobarbital injection (215).

Although the specific treatment for pertussis is antimicrobials, the paroxysmal coughing is usually very distressing. There has been a report that acupuncture could hasten the cure as well as relieving the cough (87).

There are two controlled studies indicating that acupuncture may be of some help in the treatment of Tourette syndrome in children (216, 217).

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